Adam's At Home Auction Sunday June 17th, 2018

182 the buyer in the Auctioneer’s own name. If circumstances do not permit the Auctioneer to take instructions from the seller or, if after notifying the seller, it does not receive instructions within seven (7) days, the Auctioneer reserves the right, and is hereby authorised by the seller at the seller’s expense, to agree special terms for payments of the Total Amount Due, to remove, store and insure the Lot sold, to settle claims made by or against the buyer on such terms as the Auctioneer shall in its absolute discretion think fit, to take such steps as are necessary to collect monies due by the buyer to the seller and, if necessary, to rescind the sale and refund money to the buyer. Payment of Proceeds to Overseas Sellers 30 . If the seller resides outside Ireland the Proceeds of Sale shall be paid to such seller in Euro unless it was agreed with the seller prior to the auction that the Proceeds of Sale would be paid in a currency (other than Euro) specified by the seller in which case the Proceeds of Sale shall be paid by the Auctioneer to the seller in such specified currency (provided that that currency is legally available to the Auctioneer in the amount required) calculated at the rate of exchange quoted to the Auc- tioneer by its bankers on the date of payment. All payment instructions must be in writing. Charges for Withdrawn Lots 31 . Once catalogued. Lots withdrawn from sale before proofing/publica- tion of Catalogue will be subject to commission of 5% of the Auctioneer’s latest estimate of the auction price of the Lot withdrawn together with VAT thereon and any expenses incurred by the Auctioneer in relation to the Lot. If Lots are withdrawn after proofing or publication of Catalogue they will be subject to a commission of 10% of the Auctioneer’s latest estimate of the auction price of the Lot withdrawn together with VAT thereon and any expenses incurred by the Auctioneer in relation to the Lot. All commission hereunder must be paid for before Lots withdrawn may be removed. Unsold Lots 32 . Where any Lot fails to sell at auction the Auctioneer shall notify the seller accordingly and (in the absence of agreement between the seller and the Auctioneer to the contrary) such Lot may, in the absolute discre- tion of the Auctioneer, be re-entered in the next suitable auction unless instructions are received from the seller to the contrary, otherwise such Lots must be collected at the seller’s expense within the period of thirty (30) days of such notification from the Auctioneer. Upon the expiry of such period the Auctioneer shall have the right to sell such Lots by public auction or private sale and on such terms as the Auctioneer in its sole discretion may think fit. The Auctioneer shall be entitled to deduct from the price received for such Lots any sums owing to the Auctioneer in respect of such Lots including without limitation removal, storage and insurance expenses, any commission and expenses due in respect of the prior auction and commission and expenses in respect of the subsequent auction together with all reasonable expenses before remitting the balance to the seller. If the seller cannot be traced the balance shall be placed in a bank account in the name of the Auctioneer for the seller. Any deficit arising shall be due from the seller to the Auctioneer. Any Lots returned at the seller’s request shall be returned at the seller’s risk and expense and will not be insured in transit unless the Auctioneer is so instructed by the seller. Auctioneer’s Right to Photographs and Illustrations 33 . The seller authorises the Auctioneer to photograph and illustrate any Lot placed with if for sale and further authorises the Auctioneer to use such photographs and illustrations and any photographs and illustrations provided by the seller at any time in its absolute discretion (whether or not in connection with the auction). VAT 34 . It is presumed unless stated to the contrary, that the items listed herein are auction scheme goods as defined in the Finance Act 1995. Artist’s Resale Rights (Droit de Suite) 35. Government Regulations (S.1. 312/2006), under this legislation a royalty (Droit de Suite) is payable to living artists of E.U. Nationality on all works resold for €3,000 or more, other than sold by the artist or the artist’s agent.The resale royalty payable is calculated as follows From €3,000 to €50,000 4% From €50,000.01 to €200,000 3% From €200,000.01 to €350,000 1% From €350,000.01 to €500,000 0.5% Exceeding €500,000 0.25% The total amount of royalty payable on any individual sale shall not exceed €12,500. The seller is liable for payment (paragraph 7.1 of Government Regulations (S.1. 312/2006) of this royalty on completion of the sale. The artist may request from the Auctioneer any information necessary to secure payment. Unless otherwise directed by the vendor, the Auctioneer will automatically deduct the amount due from the pro- ceeds of sale and will hold in trust for the artist or their representative the said sum.