Adam's IMPORTANT IRISH ART Auction Wednesday 24th March 2021 Important Irish Art | 24 th March 2021 99 89 DOUGLAS ALEXANDER RHA (1871-1945) Turf Stacks Oil on canvas board, 40 x 51cm (15¾ x 20’’) Signed Douglas Alexander grew up in a wealthy Limerick household. He began his working life as an apprentice in the wholesale merchants, J&G Boyd, before later moving to Dublin where he was employed full time as a lithographic artist by James Walker & Co. Printers. Alexander is best known for his highly skilled Irish landscapes. Highly prolific, he was inspired by the scen- ery of the West, from Donegal to Kerry, and by the gentle landscapes of Connemara in particular, spending much of his time producing paintings of this subject. At his best his oils in particular captured the unique light and atmosphere of the West of Ireland, creating paintings which reflected his admiration of the iconic work of Paul Henry. Despite his more affluent background and success with his paintings, Alexander died in poverty in 1945. € 1,000 - 1,500 CLICK HERE FOR MORE PHOTOGRAPHS AND BIDDING