Adam's IMPORTANT IRISH ART Auction Wednesday 24th March 2021

120 106 RORY BRESLIN (B.1963) The May Mask Bronze 75cm x 41.5cm (25½ x 16¼’’) Edition 1/3 The youthful female face is fine and determined. Her deep eyes intonate a resolute and spirited character. She gently blows Zepyr-like, a warmth indicative of the coming of Bealtaine and of summer. The head is crowned by a tiara of the stamen of the Plan- tain or Slánlus plant with its inflores- cence above it. Framing the eyes are orchid petals and on either side of the cheeks are the leaves of Hart’s Tongue, an ancient fern that Dioscorides the Greek physician said was ‘good against the stinging or bit- ing of serpents’. Knitted through the Plantain and running either side of the mask from the crown to the earring discs below representing the sun and the moon,are a dense arrangement of Foxgloves. Below the chin, the elusive Marsh Cinquefoil flower buds are about to unfurl while at the top of the work offcentre and with an abundance of energy, the swallow bears down on us from above. € 6,000 - 10,000 105 RORY BRESLIN (B.1963) St. Patrick Mask Bronze 83cm x 39cm (32½ x 15¼’’) Edition 2/3 St Patrick’s Mask is an enlarged bronze interpretation of the stone depiction of St. Patrick guarding the East entrance of the Chapel Royal in Dublin Castle. Based on the original work in Portland stone by John Smyth, who also carved the renowned river keystones on the Custom House in Dublin, St. Patrick is paired with that of the head of Brian Boru at the entrance of the Chapel. The Chapel Royal in Dublin Castle was designed by the renowned architect Francis Johnson and was opened on Christmas Day 1814 by the King’s representative in Ireland, Lord Lieutenant Whitworth € 6,000 - 10,000 CLICK HERE FOR MORE PHOTOGRAPHS AND BIDDING CLICK HERE FOR MORE PHOTOGRAPHS AND BIDDING